A D M I S S I O N 

Admission Procedures

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  Application forms may be downloaded from our Brochures Section.
Completed Applications may be emailed as attachments
to the email included, or mailed to:

The Registrar
Gilmore College
4950 Queen Mary Road
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 1X3

Tel: (514) 485-7861
Fax: (514) 485-3076

Foreign Students:

  1. An application should be completed and forwarded to the Registrar with $50 opening file fee and the following documents:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Transcripts of marks
    • Certificate of Equivalence

  2. Completed applications are processed within two weeks of receipt and a reply shall be sent to the address indicated.

  3. If student is admitted, an official letter for immigration purposes shall be forwarded to the student after payment of the following fees which should be made by bank transfer to the account of the College:

    • $190 admission & registration
    • $110 for C.A.Q. (Quebec Acceptance Certificate)
    • 50% deposit of tuition fees

  4. Only the 50% deposit of tuition fees shall be refunded if the student does not obtain a visa.
    When the student obtains a visa, the total fees shall be paid by bank transfer directly to Gilmore College.

  5. No agency is authorized to receive payment on behalf of Gilmore College. All payments shall be acknowledged by the issuance of official receipts which will be mailed to the student.

  6. Foreign students should file their applications at least three months before the beginning of the term.

Canadian Students & Permanent Residents:

  1. An application should be completed and submitted with a registration fee of $35. Documents required to be submitted are the following:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Transcripts of marks
    • Citizenship or immigration documents

  2. Placements tests in English or French are included in the registration fee.

  3. A deposit of 50% of the tuition fees shall be paid at the beginning of the session. The balance shall be paid in the middle of the session. Unpaid balances shall be subject to interest charges at the prevailing legal rate.

  4. All students must have a fully paid account before writing their final exams and requesting their transcripts of marks or Certificate.